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Reshuffling of size
  • 12 points of middle size
  • 14 points of large size

It is closing> from used camera city ~ antique of the 39th world to mint condition at 17:30 on <last day on Tuesday for ~ the eighth floor Event square, from Thursday, February 23 to 28th

Event square, (it opens at 11:00 on the first day and is closed daylong at 17:30) the eighth-floor for spring wine fair 2017 from Wednesday, February 22 to 28th on Tuesday

Matsuya bridal club blesses the threshold of a lot of each floor happiness to two people who decided marriage, wedding for bridal fair from Wednesday, January 18 to Tuesday, March 28 of 2017 spring. At this opportunity when privilege and service, fair for a limited time are abundant, please enroll in two people.

  • It is ~ from used camera city ~ antique of the 39th world to mint condition
  • Spring wine fair 2017
  • Bridal fair of 2017 spring

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It is full of recommended information of March, 2017 issue this month! Matsuya club WEB catalogue

Wedding shoes the second floor international boutique of admiration brand

RED VALENTINO REDVALENTINO POP-UP STORE the second floor international boutique from Wednesday, February 22 to July 17 (celebration, month)

BALENCIAGA New Store <the second floor international boutique>

What's New

From Wednesday, March 8, 2017 to Monday, March 20

[notice] The Manager Makoto Araumi work "your name." ten

"Your name.", please enjoy exhibition reading no charm.


From Wednesday, February 22, 2017 to Tuesday, March 7

<VasraVasra (basurabasura)> Popup shop

Elegant, oriental jewelry brand <VasraVasra (basurabasura)> which is fragrant, and drifts


Saturday, February 18, 2017

<ty> Popup shop is open

We have authentic item usable for a long time and, from European brand which selected carefully, wait.


From Wednesday, February 15, 2017 to Tuesday, March 7


We introduce many leather goods which had dignity and sense of fun of adult.


From Tuesday, February 14, 2017 to Monday, March 13

saara Azabu popup shop

saara Azabu popup shop comes up for a limited time! We introduce mainly on furniture of American CENTURY company this time.


From Wednesday, March 1, 2017 to Tuesday, March 7

<Dior> adikutorakkameikuappuibento

Matsuya Ginza precedence releases adikutorakkasutikku (all 18 colors) from Wednesday, March 1.

20170222dior01 _mini.jpg

Design & art

  • Soft and fluffy cinamolol exhibition ©2001, 2017 SANRIO CO., LTD. APPROVAL NO. SP571352From Thursday, March 2, 2017 to Monday, March 6
  • Life exhibition of memorial Shigeru Mizuki gegegeFrom Wednesday, March 8, 2017 to March 20 (celebration, month)

Serialization contents

  • Serialization is genuineValuable articles which were full of thought of builder, having a practised eye
  • Serialization Ginza Stories
  • It is marriage ceremonial hall of hospitality Matsuya group with various styles
  • Educational foundation pine virtue school Tokyo fashion technical schoolTechnical school [of visit to experience-based entrance to school, school receptionist] of Japanese and Western fashions proud of traditions more than 100 years to
  • It is the tenth anniversary with Matsuya card grace state!
  • Matsuya point sheet-styled food, eating and drinking are targeted for point, too!
  • Matsuya e-mail magazine registration, cancellation from this
  • Under recruitment of lesson course club MG culture school students which Matsuya Ginza provides!

Matsuya Ginza Address: 〒 104-8130 3-6-1, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo telephone: 03-3567-1211 (main switchboard)

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