Gallery information of this week is introduction of "beautiful harmony ~ Setsuko Suzuki oil painting exhibition of ~ color".



◆Gallery> of beautiful harmony ~ Setsuko Suzuki oil painting exhibition <play of ~ color

Period We are closed at 17:00 on the last day of Tuesday for from Wednesday, May 22, 2019 to 28th



Sorry to have kept you waiting! It was two years since then, and private exhibition of Setsuko Suzuki became held.

At this time of anything and the ninth become held.

As work of Suzuki has a good reputation for good gentle coloration, sense only by woman, and fans increase whenever we repeat times, we have you see toward the situation this time again from the first day.

We express in "oil painting exhibition" and title, but work of Suzuki is described in mikusudomedia (mixed art) which art supplies of Japanese painting including color, glia made full use of and brings on unique matter, atmosphere, view of the world.

We pay attention to such a point, and please see venue.



"Vacation of turquoise" 43*91cm 702,000 yen

From work title, imagination is stirred.





"Rondo" 41*41cm 302,400 yen



"Marche" F3 129,600 yen



"Green Note" F4 172,800 yen


"Music of concert" 33.5*33.5cm 216,000 yen

It is color "orange" of appearance for the first time this time. It is appearance of vitamin color. In color in screen, there are the delicate light and shade even if we say orange and is finished in work individual at all.

It is one piece creating atmosphere of room brightly.



Eyes of canvas use small thing, but invention is done in one screen in various ways when we expand thinly as much as possible and leave paint so that canvas place is sometimes seen daringly.

As for the lattice pattern, paintbrush is colored using brush with width. Because various art supplies such as color, glia which thought out what delicate color development can express by repeating originally are taken in well.

It is the wonderful finish!


"Smile" 20*40cm 183,600 yen



Please fully enjoy the most new item in venue. We look forward to.

Suzuki would appreciate your calling out to venue casually every day from the afternoon as we are doing living-in-corridor.


We hold "*rana KIRANA- Java saraca and decoration accessory -" of *rana on seat stage of the neighbor sum. At the same time, please enjoy.

※In work which you introduced, forgive on sellout including limit to number.

※Stated value is tax-included.

It will be guide of "Fujii perception 圿 *kakuten" next week. Don't miss it!